Stoke Staffs LEP


The National Local Growth Assurance Framework sets out the governance arrangements for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). The Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire (SSLEP) Assurance Framework outlines in detail the operational and structural arrangements by which we make decisions and are held to account.

Key elements of our Assurance Framework are summarised below, the full document is published above and relevant sections can be linked to from the contents page.

Decision Making

The SSLEP’s primary decision-making body is the Company Executive Board, which delegates certain powers to various appointed sub-groups. Details of our decision making processes and terms of reference for our sub-groups are contained in our Constitution.

When considering projects and programmes for funding we do so in accordance with our project prioritisation and business case process which is found at section 8 of our Assurance Framework.  We publish business cases for City Deal and Local Growth Deal funding and their independent assessments in the Publication Library  Information about our recent Getting Building Fund allocations is also published.

We strive to be open and transparent in our decision making, you can read our policy on report publication here. SSLEP Report Publication Scheme

Audit and Accounts

Our finances are managed by Staffordshire County Council as the Accountable Body. This ensures that all funding is managed in accordance with good practice and audited each year. Annual audits are published below.

Each July, we publish Annual Accounts which set out how the LEP has invested its resources. In addition we publish an Annual Report, which sets out a full picture of the LEP’s activities over the previous year. Both publications can be found here.

Additional Audit Publications:


We are scrutinised annually by a joint meeting of the Staffordshire County Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council scrutiny committees, with attendees from the District and Borough Councils within our area.


Annual Performance Review (APR)

Declarations of Interest & Codes of Conduct

Each Board Member is required to complete and sign a Declaration of Interests form before they can participate in a board meeting, these are published below. Members are required to advise the secretariat of any changes, but these are reviewed/completed bi-annually regardless. LEP staff members are required to complete this form, although this does not need publishing.

A Code of Conduct form is also completed once by Board Members, these are retained by the secretariat. Code of Conduct for LEP Board Members.pdf 

Gifts and Hospitality

All Board Members are required to declare any offers of gifts and hospitality made to or accepted by themselves. These may be offered to an individual or the LEP as an organisation. The relevant policy and the register are available here:


We strive to resolve complaints at an early stage, in line with our Enquiries and Complaints Procedure (link). .Our Whistleblowing Policy  covers situations where an individual who has concerns about a danger, risk, contravention of rules or illegality provides useful information to address this. Our policy on GDPR and information sharing can be found here: SSLEP Privacy Policy.

Remuneration and Expenses

Our policy on LEP Board Director and officer remuneration and expenses can be found in our Assurance Framework (link)  A summary of remuneration and expenses paid to Board Members can be found here:  Summary of Remuneration Expenses Paid to LEP Board Members

Working with Local Authorities

All Stoke and Staffordshire local authorities are members of the SSLEP. The Leaders  of Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Staffordshire County Council along with four  representative from the Borough / District Councils sit on the LEP’s Executive Board. Further detail of how we work together can be found within our Constitution.