Stoke Staffs LEP

Supporting Evidence for Strategic Documents

Please find below a review of the evidence that has been used in creating our strategic documents, principally our Strategic Economic Plan, City Deal and the LEP’s European Structural and Investment Funds Strategy.


General State of the Economy

Economy overview 2016 – Economy and Employment, LEP area (2016)

Economic Review 2013 – An assessment of the economy in Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire that highlights the key economic issues affecting businnesses, people and places

Staffordshire Local Economic Assessment 2010An in-depth analysis of the issues and opportunities facing the economy of Staffordshire covering a range of thematic issues including land & infrastructure, transportation, business & competitiveness and education & skills

Business Development

Barriers to Business Start-ups A short discussion paper on the issues that may be preventing businesses from being created or moving to the area

Availability of Business Finance Secondary research on the availability of finance to businesses, supporting primary research on this issue conducted by a renowned finance professional

Sectors & Innovation

The Strength of Industrial Sectors & Clusters An in-depth analysis of the types of businesses that are located in the area and the sectors where we have a comparative advantage over other areas

Employment Structure & Economic Vulnerability Analysis of the impact of economic structure on unemployment levels during the economic downturn

Inward Investment

Reach to International MarketsA review of the effectiveness of the service provided by UKTI and additional local models implemented in other areas


Skills demand and the labour market 2016 Employer vacancies and skills demand

Employer Skills Survey The Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire results from the UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey and a locally conducted research exercise on skills issues in the area

Worklessness Assessment 2010An overall assessment of the extent of worklessness in Staffordshire, barriers to employment that people who are workless may face and the demand for labour from local employers


District Integrated Transport Strategies An overview of the transport issues, problems, achievements and challenges for the future in each of the Staffordshire Districts

State of the Centres Analysis of the issues faced by the centres in the county, conducted as part of the development of the Staffordshire Local Economic Assessment

HousingAnalysis of housing completions, proposed housing and Council Tax bandings, information about relevant Local Plans and views on the main blockages to housing growth

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