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Coronavirus (Covid-19) recovery checklist for business
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) recovery checklist for business

The restrictions placed on some business to stop trading to help limit the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus are being gradually eased. Regular announcements are being made identifying which business may now open, along with the release of Government guidance on what precautions must be in place before trading can restart.

The current list of businesses which must remain closed can be seen at

Some sector specific Government guidance on precautions to be operated by businesses who may open is available at: 

If you are unable to operate measures suggested for your business to control the current risk from coronavirus, your business must remain closed until the Government says otherwise.

This checklist brings together a range of control measures for businesses to consider operating to assist them to trade in-line with Government requirements and public expectation, while also addressing their responsibilities under Health and Safety law, where no sector specific guidance exists.  

Businesses are required to assess, minimise, and control health and safety risks to employees, customers and any other person who may be affected by their business activity. This includes the risk of infection with Coronavirus. If you employ 5 or more employees this assessment must be written down. Control measures introduced following the assessment must be regularly monitored to check they are effective and adjusted if not. This should be done by observation, and discussion with employees so that you are confident you are aware of what is actually happening in practice.    

If your business is one which is now allowed to trade you should consider the measures outlined below as part of your assessment if no specific COVID-19 Secure Guidelines for your trade sector are available from the link above.

Read the full check list document here: Business re-start checklist