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Businesses can improve workplace health with county council support
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Businesses can improve workplace health with county council support

Staffordshire businesses can help improve the health of their teams, reducing absence and boosting productivity through county council support.

The Workplace Health programme will support businesses through free to access health and wellbeing support. Businesses and organisations can benefit from free workplace health checks for their employees as well as online advice.

It includes advice on healthy lifestyles, active travel to work, air quality in the workplace, mental health, and a sign-up link to the Healthy Workplace Newsletter.

In the UK, around 141 million working days are lost every year to sickness absence, according to ONS data. This costs businesses almost £92 billion a year.

Musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause of sickness absence, while 17.5 million absence days in the UK were caused by mental health conditions such as stress anxiety and depression. Attending work while sick also hits business productivity.

Through improved workplace health, employees have increased motivation and morale, quicker recovery from illness and increased job satisfaction.

Employers see improved productivity, greater staff retention and associated reduction in new employee training costs, fewer workplace injuries and a more positive corporate image.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet support member for public health and integrated care Paul Northcott said:

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy in the workplace and when they do experience ill health that the right care and support is in place from their employer. Employees also have a crucial role to play in looking out for their colleagues at work and offering their support when they can.


Because those in full-time employment spend most of their time at work, it makes sense for their managers to take advantage of the free-to-access health and wellbeing expert support from Staffordshire County Council. Ultimately it leads to a more satisfied, consistent and productive workforce.


The offer combines the expertise of a range of professional organisations, both online and in person.

Businesses can find out more by viewing the county council’s Workplace Health video at: