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Better regulation works for business

Better regulation works for business

Improving business regulation will support continued economic growth in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, the area’s enterprise partnership chairman said today.

Speaking after the launch of the LEP’s Regulatory Charter, David Frost said consistent regulation at local and national level provided a fair trading platform for all businesses. He added that regulatory authorities and businesses were working more closely than ever to grow the economy while protecting people, business and the environment at the same time.

Yesterday county, city and district and borough councils signed up to the charter which will demonstrate how regulation provides business support and removes unnecessary burdens which restrict growth. The Federation of Small Businesses and the North Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and Industry are among other organisations backing the charter.

David Frost said: “Business regulation can play an important part in economic growth by ensuring companies can trade fairly and thrive as a result. Through closer working by regulatory authorities both regionally and nationally there will be provision of a consistent and improved service to business. In addition we are seeing strengthened relationships between regulators and business. The charter will help to reinforce the message that regulatory authorities are there to offer business support – not impose unnecessary restrictions.
“Many of our regulators are LEP partners with a shared priority of economic growth and job creation across our area.”

Karen Woolley, development manager for the Federation of Small Businesses, Staffordshire & West Midlands Region, which is supporting the charter, said: “Regulating authorities play a vital role in supporting our members and other small businesses, providing essential advice on ever changing legislation and helping them to succeed. Gone are the days where regulation centred on enforcement – the role of authorities is still to protect people and the environment but equally to protect business and work in partnership to boost our economy.
“This charter recognises the close working between regulators and business in our area, but also looks to improve it and make regulation more consistent regionally and nationally.  This is just the start of the process – there is much work still to be done to ensure we continue to nurture the relationship between regulators and small businesses.”

The charter is supported by the national Better Regulation Delivery Office and was launched at the Moathouse near Stafford.

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