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Opportunity for high tech ambassadors

Opportunity for high tech ambassadors

The Superfast Staffordshire Broadband project, worth over £27million, will ensure that businesses across the county can expand and take advantage of new markets, regardless of where they are based.

Superfast Staffordshire have signed a contract with BT that will bring fibre broadband to 97% of premises by 2016 and speeds of at least 2Mbps to 100% of premises.

Business owners in Staffordshire who are not confident users of the Internet will be willing to place trust in local entrepreneurs who can demonstrate how broadband has benefited them. This is where your help is needed. Does your business already benefit from the use of the internet, particularly from the use of fibre broadband technology? Would you be prepared to feature as a case study on the soon to be launched Superfast Staffordshire website?

For more information and to volunteer as a case study, please contact Katrina on

For more information on Superfast Staffordshire the latest edition of their newsletter is now available as a PDF for you to read.

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