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NHS QR app and posters launched
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NHS QR app and posters launched

Following a successful pilot, the government is releasing the NHS Covid-19 app for mass use on the 24 September 2020.

This app is a vital part of the NHS’s Test and Trace service and is a critical tool to control the spread of the virus.

The app will provide users with local risk information, alert them if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive and very importantly has a built-in QR scanner to check-in at venues that like yours which display a NHS QR poster.

To make it a success, businesses are being asked to help.

Premises and venues where people meet socially are already legally required to request the contact details of a member of every party, record and retain these details for 21 days, and provide them to NHS Test & Trace when required.

The new NHS Covid-19 app in conjunction with displaying NHS QR posters will make this registration process even simpler and potentially help save lives.
Businesses will still need to keep separate records to capture all details, as not everyone has a phone and not everyone will scan codes. This is their responsibility.

The two main things they need to do are: –

1. Start generating and displaying NHS QR posters, so visitors and customers can start checking in safely and securely from the 24 September.

2. Use their communications channels to promote the use of the app and what to expect when visiting their premise(s).

The more people who use the app, the better it will work – and it will help Staffordshire get ahead of the virus, preventing a second wave, further local lockdowns, and further disruption to the economy.

Local businesses and venues have been incredible partners in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 and can continue to prevent the spread of the virus by adopting these measures.

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