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New strategy sets out vision to boost skills and opportunities for all Staffordshire residents
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New strategy sets out vision to boost skills and opportunities for all Staffordshire residents

Increasing people’s life opportunities through higher value employment by giving them the skills they need to progress is the focus of a new shared Staffordshire strategy.

The seven-year strategy recognises the county’s strengths and key sector industries creating learning and employment opportunities. It also identifies how the local workforce can develop to capitalise on them and the role lead partners will play.

The Staffordshire Employment and Skills Strategy 2023-2030 sets out a vision and five priorities which aim to support people of all ages to reach their full potential in terms of gaining employment in higher value jobs and learning development through their careers.

It has been drawn up by the county council, all eight district and borough councils, our universities, colleges and other partners including the Department for Work and Pensions and Chambers of Commerce. The strategy has undergone a full public consultation which included feedback from businesses and industry bodies, which overwhelmingly backed its vision and approach.

Partners have developed a strategy which will build on Staffordshire’s strengths and successes whilst also identifying areas in need of development and improvement. Staffordshire continues to attract significant investment from both the private sector and the Government for regeneration and skills projects. It also sustains figures for the local population out of work which are lower than both regional and national averages.

The five priorities set out in the strategy for the next seven years are to:

  • Create an aspirational and active workforce though high-quality advice and relevant training
  • Provide inspirational careers advice with organisations like the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Careers Hub
  • Ensure people have the technical skills to drive productivity and growth
  • Increase innovation and enterprise by supporting entrepreneurialism
  • Create a place of learning across the county for people throughout their working lives

Staffordshire County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for economy and skills Philip White said:

As Staffordshire’s economy continues to grow and with high demand from employers for skilled workers it is essential that we have a population ready to take advantage of new opportunities.


Developing people’s skills before they embark on their careers and then upgrading them throughout their working lives means they can play an active part in a modern and evolving economy. Having relevant skills to our key sector industries will enable Staffordshire people to enjoy working in higher value jobs in their own county.


Our employment and skills strategy is truly collaborative between councils, learning providers and business and aims to make the world of learning and skills as easy to navigate as possible. This includes our Staffordshire Jobs and Careers Service which matches people’s skills with jobs or training relevant to them.


The strategy draws on our collective expertise and sets out a shared vision and approach. We are confident that it will help to improve people’s lives, their communities and our economy in the long-term.

The strategy will be discussed by the county council’s Prosperous Overview and Scrutiny Committee at its meeting this Thursday September 28. People can read a summary of the strategy here.


People can find out more about Staffordshire Jobs and Careers Service by visiting its website.