Stoke Staffs LEP

 Skills Advisory Panel Board

The Skills Advisory Panel Board is being established in line with the government guidance, a brief background is below:

• Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) are a 2017 Conservative manifesto commitment to “deal with local skills shortages and ensure that colleges deliver the skills required by employers through Skills Advisory Panels and Local Enterprise Partnerships working at a regional and local level”.

• SAPs aim to strengthen the relationship between employers and education or training providers in local areas. The panels will use robust labour market analysis to understand skills needs and supply and address priorities effectively, improving productivity and their local economy.

• SAPs analysis will underpin the ‘People’ pillar of the Local Industrial Strategies (LISs) to be produced Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and a guidance document has been developed by DfE to support this.

• SAPs will be aligned to the broader work to implement the recommendations of the LEP Review and development of Local Industrial Strategies.


Each SAP board will assess skill demand/need data, and manage relationships in order to use the SAP analysis to create a common understanding and move skill priorities forward, and deliver priorities through influencing a more efficient allocation of resources.

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