Stoke Staffs LEP



Strategic focus

A strong economy is vital for the long term future of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire and the only way to achieve this is to support business.

If businesses are successful they will enjoy increased profits, invest more and create more jobs. This in turn will lower unemployment, increase the opportunities available for local people and raise the standards of living – which, in turn, means that local people will spend more with local businesses and so the cycle continues.

To create the right climate for business in the region, the LEP is focused on:

  • Stimulating enterprise, innovation and inward investment
  • Bringing forward key employment sites
  • Supporting towns, city and service centre developments
  • Building on existing industrial sectors and those with future potential for growth
  • Developing a well skilled workforce to meet current and future labour market needs
  • Ensuring appropriate housing to meet the needs to current and future workforce
  • Developing and improving infrastructure to promote connectivity and mobility

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